Banking and Eftpos

Most shops and cafes accept credit cards and eftpos, but carrying cash is also advisable. Generally prices are slightly higher than mainland New Zealand due to freight costs.

A combined ANZ Bank/Post Office is located in Waitangi. Cash withdrawals are available. The bank is open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10.00am - 2.00pm and closed Wed.

An ATM machine is available at the Hotel Chatham Public bar during trading hours.


Calling the Chathams Islands from Mainland New Zealand is a standard national call. There is no cell phone coverage on the Chatham Islands making it a real escape. There is a public telephone in Waitangi (card phone).

High-speed wi-fi Internet is available in many locations. Enquire with your host.


Electricity is produced by diesel generators and two wind turbines. Power supply and plugs are the same as in mainland New Zealand so all your appliances will operate.


There are a number of churches on the Chatham Islands offering services and historic interest.
St Augustine Church in Te One has a service each Sunday at 10:30am to which visitors are warmly welcomed.


There are two primary schools on main Chatham, at Te One and Kaingaroa, and one on Pitt Island. Most secondary students attend boarding school in mainland New Zealand.

Medical and Safety

We want you to enjoy your holiday and remind you to consider your personal safety while enjoying this wonderful but remote environment. There is a Medical Centre with a resident Doctor and small Pharmacy.
While medical care on the Chatham Islands is good, emergencies will be airlifted to mainland New Zealand. Be sure to bring your own medication with you.

Phone Numbers

Emergencies dial 3050 111 (Police, Fire and Ambulance services are based on the Chatham Islands.)
Local phone numbers:
• Police Station: 3050 334
• Hospital: 3050 035
• Fire Station: 3050 064
• Department of Conservation: 3050 098
• Fisheries Office: 3050 004
• Information Centre: 3050 443
• Tourism Development Office: 3050 655
If phoning from mainland New Zealand Prefix with 03.

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Chatham Islands Events





  Chatham Islands 9th Annual Festival

Saturday 04 March 2017

The festival showcases the Chatham Island culture, arts, food and music with many family activities such as speed shearing, bread baking, cake decorating, best tasting local honey, creative arts competitions, at least 20 food & art stalls and charity auction.  The Chatham Islands is a great place with great people who have a real flare for fun and hospitality.



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